Killer Bees Death: Man Stung Thousands of Times (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Killer bees was killed a man in Texas on Saturday, after he was surrounded and stung thousands of times by the killer Africanized bees.

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Killer bees have resulted in the death of Larry Goodwin who was stung thousands of times.

Larry Goodwin tragically died after being stung by the frenzied swarm of killer bees. Relatives have described that his entire body was covered in bee stings and that there was not even an inch of his body remaining that had not received a bee sting, according to The Daily Mail.

Goodwin had been helping a neighbor, working on their property in Moody, California, by consolidating a pile of dry brush using a tractor.

It is reported that Goodwin found an old chicken coop in the brush, which was now filled with the killer bees.

Authorities have since said that the coop contained about 22 honeycombs and about 40,000 bees in it.

The bees quickly covered Goodwin, and even though the wife and daughter of the neighbor attempted to help him they themselves were stung and injured. It is reported that they were stung a total of 100 times between the pair of them trying to help.

Goodwin, 62, reportedly ran all the way to back to the house and started spraying himself with a hose, but was still unable to stop the attack.

Emergency services were called and fire department staff soon arrived, but they were also attacked and stung by the bees when they attended.

They spent 45 minutes trying to resuscitate Goodwin, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Africanized bees are known to be deadly if someone is stung multiple times by them. It is believed that about 10 stings per pound of flesh is enough to kill a person.

The Texas AgriLife Extension Service reports that eight people have died from bee stings from the hybrid bees since 1990. They have been known to chase their victims for up to a quarter of a mile repeatedly stinging them.