Killing of Christians is Unacceptable, Says Nigerian Evangelical Church

Nigeria's Evangelical Church said that it is deeply concerned with the killing of the Christians through the systematic attacks which are launched by the extremist group Boko Haram.

It added that such developments are unacceptable in reference to attempts by the Islamic group, which is aiming to Islamize the northern area inhabited by a Muslim majority by attacking Christian residents in the region.

The statement, signed by Father Jeremy Kalu, expressed its support for the decision taken by Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan to announce emergency rule in the northern states of Boru, Yobi and Adamawa. The President decided to deploy military troops in these states to confront the members of the group.

In the same context, the head of the Christian Association in Nigeria (CAN) Pastor Ayew Ortasjavor accused armed groups affiliated with Boko Haram of continuing the slaughtering of Christians in the north despite the military operations against them in a number of northern states.

He added, in a statement signed by the head of the association's media and public relations Kini Ashaka, that two members of the association and a doctor in the north were killed during an attack launched by the group over the weekend.

The association is considered the largest Christian institutions in Nigeria.