Kim and Kanye West a Joint Package for 'American Idol'? (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian is allegedly eager for Kanye West to make a deal with "American Idol" as one of the show's new judges.

It was reported earlier this week that rapper Kanye West is currently being considered for a position as a new "Idol" judge. While the rapper is allegedly still on the fence about things, his girlfriend Kim Kardashian has already made up her mind and is eager for West to take the part.

"He's on the fence," a source reported to TMZ, adding that West was unsure if "A.I." was really right for him.

But a more recent source has revealed that Kardashian typically gets what she wants and may have convinced West that being a judge is the way to go. A source told the Hollywood Life that "Kim [wants] him to do it, and whatever [she wants,] she gets."

"[Kim's] excited though … and [she's] pushing [Kanye] hard to do the [show]" the insider said.

What's more is that if West does agree to do the show, then the world may be seeing even more of Kim Kardashian because she plans to stay right by his side.

"And you know [she's going to] be there with [him] if [it goes] right," the source added.

It is estimated that West will be offered a contract similar to that of Mariah Carey, which is valued at $18 million. If Kardashian really tags along it could be a two-for-one special, not that it's necessary according to the source, which also revealed that West would "blow" people away.

"[He's going to] blow [American Idol] up this year, feel me?" the source told HL. "[He's going to] come with it and people will love him."

"He [isn't] trying to diss [anybody,] but everybody [knows he's going to] bring the house down once they finalize s---," the source added.