Kim Kardashian and Stacy Keibler to Become Pals After Beyonce Diss?

Kim Kardashian and Stacy Keibler have become new friends in Hollywood according to a source, which spotted the pair together.

Kim Kardashian first ran into Stacy Keibler while attending a Madonna concert at Yankee Stadium with her close friend Jonathan Cheban. Since meeting however, it appears that the pair have may hit it off and be headed to a friendship of their own.

Keibler is a retired professional wrestler who as of late has been making headlines due to her relationship with George Clooney, although she was also in "Dancing With the Stars."

The pair has met before according to a source, but never hit it off as they have this time around.

"They've known each other for years and have always been friendly, just not best friends," the source told O.K. Magazine.

After spotting each other at the concert, the pair was see out together twice more this week. First at the Marchesa fashion show in Grand Central Station and then later at The Palladium Jewelry By Jacob & Co. Launch Celebration hosted by W Magazine at Jacob & Co. Flagship's store in midtown.

"She said she had to attend Marchesa, which was being held at the same time, to thank her for her golden Oscar dress everyone loved so much," a witness said of Keibler, according to the Daily News.

It was recently rumored that Keibler and Clooney had broken up, but recent photos have shown Keibler trying on engagement rings, suggesting that the pair are far from splitting and may even be considering marriage. The source also suggested that Clooney would be supportive of Keibler making new friends.

"George likes that she does her own thing," a source close to Keibler reported to the Daily News. The friendship may also come as a relief to Kardashian, who was recently slighted by Beyonce.