Kim Kardashian Asks Fans to Help Save Cousin's Life

Kim Kardashian is pleading with fans to help save her cousin's life.

The 31-year-old reality television star recently pleaded with over 17 million Twitter followers to find out if they could be bone marrow donors, which could potentially save the life of her cousin CiCi who has been battling cancer.

"Please help my cousin cicibussey & many others in her situation (SIC)," Kardashian tweeted recently. "Be a donor, save a life!"

After one fan questioned Kardashian if she had indeed become a donor, the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star did not hesitate to respond.

"I just swabbed to see if I'm a match," Kardashian tweeted recently. "I hope I will be for Cici!"

Kardashian is not the only person who has been vocal about saving her cousin's life. Her sister Khloe Kardashian-Odom has also used her social networking websites to ask for potential donors to help the family's cause.

"This is difficult for me to write, but we really need your help. My cousin, Cici, has been battling cancer for 17 years," Kardashian-Odom wrote on her blog last February. "She's been going through chemo for such a long time, but now the cancer is not responding to the chemo and she needs a bone marrow stem cell transplant. This necessary procedure would hopefully give our Cici many more years to live!"

The reality television star petitioned her Armenian supporters to help the situation.

"What makes this more difficult is that the donor must be of Armenian descent because Cici is Armenian," Kardashian-Odom wrote on her blog previously. "We are asking every Armenian who reads this message to reach out to the bone marrow registry and sign up so that we can find a match for Cici."

Most recently, Kardashian-Odom let all of her Twitter followers know how important they were in fighting cancer.

"We need you support," Kardashian-Odom tweeted along with the link to information about a bone marrow walk that took place last month.

More information about the Armenian Bone Marrow registry can be found at