Kim Kardashian Baby Weight Loss Plan Going Well, No Public Appearances This Summer

Sources close to Kim Kardashian revealed that the reality television starlet is so concerned about losing her baby weight that she will not make any public appearances until she reaches her target weight of 115 pounds.

It has been two months since she gave birth, but sources indicate that she is going to stay at her mom's Hidden Hills, Calif. home because she is "extremely self-conscious about her current body."

Kim "said when she comes out and gets photographed for the first time she wants to look hot, hot, hot," a family insider told Us Weekly, adding that losing the weight has been harder than she thought.

"The weight is not coming off as quickly … she plateaued … this is the hard part now," the source added.

Kim reportedly eats special meals delivered to the house which is the only real way she is losing weight because doctors told her not to work out in the weeks following giving birth.

"Kim was told not to work out for six weeks after giving birth. She has not started working out with a trainer yet," the source explained.

Kardashian is expected to begin working out with celebrity personal trainer, Tracy Anderson, in coming days in a bid to get into shape ahead of her big reveal on the "Kris" show.

The insider added that Kanye West has been supportive and is allowing her to move at her own pace.

"Kanye has been supportive and there for her, but this is more about Kim being inside her head and obsessed," the source explained.

Given the weight that she still wants to lose, many are speculating that it could be the fall when she makes her first public appearance.

"She thinks it will take at least another month to get to where she wants to be," the source added. "Only when she's there will she start thinking about showing her body to the world."