Kim Kardashian Confronts Accusations of Disrespecting Black Culture

Although she has over 10 million Twitter followers, Kim Kardashian also has people who hate her, and she recently confronted one directly on television.

Kardashian appeared on an episode of H8r, a reality show about celebrities confronting their biggest naysayers. On the show, Kardashian watched a recording from a woman named Deena who believed the reality television star was disrespecting black culture.

Kardashian, known for her curvaceous figure and engaging in highly publicized interracial relationships, is not giving back to the black community that she emulates, according to the “H8r” on the television show.

Before realizing that Kim would see her rant, Deena spoke about her issues with the reality television newlywed. The black woman spoke about Kardashian getting lip injections, tanning, showcasing her curvy figure and what she felt was overshadowing black women who naturally have those qualities.

“I thought we had the corner on that,” Deena said on the CW television show.

After Kardashian watched what the woman said about her, she decided to confront the woman and get to know her. After watching the video of Deena speaking negatively about her, Kardashian said she was hurt.

“That kind of stuff irritates me a little bit when people say all of this stuff and think they know about you but yet they don't know any of the facts," the reality star said. “It hurts me to hear some of the things that you say.”

Kardashian credited her Armenian culture for her body type and told her critic that it is not her responsibility to cater to another culture other than her own.

“Just because you have seen a few people who are high profile and black, I don’t feel like it’s my responsibility to rep his culture,” the reality star told her naysayer.

Despite the differences in opinion, Kardashian’s critic said she gained a new found respect for Kim, who said she helped families in New Orleans build houses and visited Africa three times in the newest season of her television show.