Kim Kardashian Debunks Breakup Rumors With Kanye West Date Night Photo

Kim Kardashian is debunking the rumors concerning her relationship with rapper boyfriend Kanye West, 35, being on the rocks.

Kardashian, the 32-year-old reality television star, has been the topic of media headlines claiming that she and West are having issues in their relationship while the pair is expecting their first child.

"She served a purpose for him … Kim used to be so desirable that every guy wanted to date her," In Touch Weekly. "But now he's over it."

Another tabloid reported along the same lines, fueling breakup rumors last month.

"Things are incredibly tense between Kim and Kanye, and it doesn't look like it will get better anytime soon," an alleged insider told The National Enquirer.

However, Kardashian took to her Instagram to let people know that she and West were still happily together.

"Date night with my love," Kardashian tweeted while linking an Instagram photograph of she and West staring into one another's eyes.

Khloe Kardashian-Odom, Kim's younger sister, recently revealed why West is a great match for the mother-to-be.

"I think Kanye knows how to deal with Kim really well. Because we've known him for so long, he'll come to us if he wants advice on a birthday present or something," Kardashian-Odom revealed as the cover girl for the June issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. "I like that ... I love that with Kanye we have that friendship because when you're with one of us you're with all of us."

Despite the speculation concerning West and Kardashian exchanging nuptials in the near future, Kim made it clear that she is more focused on just enjoying time with her boyfriend and preparing for their new child at the moment.

"Don't you think I should slow down? I think I should slow down," Kardashian told Extra correspondent Angie Martinez last month. "I'm just really enjoying my time with Kanye right now and we want to have the baby. When you know how it's going to be in the end, there's no need to rush it right now."