Kim Kardashian Debuts Post Baby Weight Loss at Funeral; Clutches Baby North West (PHOTOS)

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(PHOTO) Keek.comKim Kardashian poses for fans in new Keek video, weeks after giving birth

Kim Kardashian made her post-baby debut alongside Kanye West and baby North in Oklahoma on Saturday.


The new Mom, who has been in hiding since giving birth to baby North on June 15, appeared happy and relaxed while attending the funeral of West's grandfather, Portwood Williams Senior.
Kardashian, 32, wore head-to-toe black including a mini skirt and heels.

"Kim looks amazing, she really does. She's dropped a lot of the baby weight and it shows…not to say she still doesn't have a ways to go, but she looked slim and was glowing," a source previously told

Baby North, who is yet to be unveiled publicly, was covered in a grey shawl and Kardashian was photographed transporting the newborn to a waiting vehicle after the funeral service.

"Kim really loves being a mom and she can't get enough of baby North," a source said.
The reality TV star is said to be eager to unveil her baby girl to the world however it is unclear when exactly this will happen.

"Kim is excited to have the whole world see her baby," another source said. "She is saying that she knows that everyone will love her as much as she does and she wants people to see how beautiful she is."

Guests at the funeral reportedly got a glimpse of Kardashian and West's first child and onlookers described the two-month-old.

"Kim held North close to her but gave guests a glance at the baby, who was dressed in white with cute pink shoes on. "She's got a head full of hair and a beautiful olive skin tone," an onlooker said.

"She looks like Mason did when he was a baby," another source said about Kardashian's sister Kourtney's son. "They even have the same eyebrows!"

Kardashian, who admittedly gained weight during her pregnancy, is rumored to have scored a lucrative weight loss deal with Weight Watchers which is reportedly helping her shed baby weight.

"Kim eats special meals delivered to the house. The only real way she is losing weight right now is by eating healthy. She has signed a deal with a weight loss company," a source told