Kim Kardashian Divorce Deposition Date Set; Kris Humphries Pushes for Annulment

Kim Kardashian and her estranged husband Kris Humphries have been scheduled to have their depositions taken at the end of June, despite the reality TV personality's reluctance to do so.

The pair, who is embroiled in bitter divorce trial, is in a dispute about how to end their marriage. Kardashian is pushing for a divorce while Humphries insists on an annulment based on fraud, according to Radar Online.

"Kim is just livid that she has to be deposed. She has tried to get out of it, but there is no way she can," a source told Radar. "Kim's deposition will take place at her lawyer Laura Wasser's office at the end of June and Kris' attorney Lee Hutton will do the majority of the questioning."

Humphries has maintained that Kardashian married him for financial gain and to boost her fame status after reportedly being paid several millions after selling the filming rights to the E! network- something she denies.

Hutton is expected to thoroughly question Kardashian about their lavish wedding, particularly about her decision to keep a $325,000 white Ferrari that the former couple received as a wedding gift even after filing for divorce.

"Kris is ready for his deposition to be taken and just wants the truth to get out about what really happened when they were dating and after the wedding," the insider explained.

"The deposition is scheduled to last for an entire day. Kris' deposition will take place in Minnesota towards the end of June also and Kim's attorney will have to fly from California for that. Kris lives in Minnesota during the off season and this is where his attorney is based. His deposition is also scheduled to take a full business day," the source added.

Wasser recently accused the NBA star of prolonging his divorce from Kardashian in a bid to boost his own publicity, which a source close to Humphries dismissed as nonsense.

"That is absolutely ridiculous! Kim and her lawyer are trying to bully Kris into a settlement and that isn't going to happen," a source told Radar.

"The only way that this case won't go to trial is if Kim publicly apologizes to Kris and admits that she only married him for television ratings. Kris just wants the truth to come out and Kim is just absolutely livid that she isn't getting her own way," the source added.