Kim Kardashian Divorce Deposition: Reality Star 'Refused to Answer' Key Questions

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Twitter: Kim KardashianReality TV personality Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian recently sat down for her divorce deposition and a new report claims the reality TV star refused to answer key questions.

Kardashian, 32, was questioned by attorney Lee Hutton, who represents her estranged husband Kris Humphries, during the deposition Tuesday. It took place at the reality star's attorney Laura Wasser's office, and the NBA player was not present.

"The deposition was long and grueling, and Kris Humphries' attorney, Lee Hutton, was extremely thorough," a source told

"Kim was asked what media outlets she talks to, off the record, because Kris believes she has planted negative stories about him in the press," the source explained.

Kardashian, who is five months pregnant, filed for divorce in 2011 after just 72 days of marriage. Humphries, 28, was reportedly blindsided by the filing and is insisting on an annulment of their marriage based on fraud.

Critics have accused Kardashian of planting negative stories about the Brooklyn Nets star in the press, but this has not yet been confirmed.

"It's very well known that Kim talks to a tabloid gossip website on almost a daily basis, with no attribution to her," the source said.

"Kim refused to answer that line of questioning, on the instruction of her lawyer. Kim's refusal to answer could force her to take the witness stand at the divorce trial, which is scheduled to take place in May," the insider added.

In recent weeks, Kardashian reportedly suffered a miscarriage scare and various media outlets attributed the issue to alleged stress stemming from her ongoing divorce battle. Humphries was furious that he was being blamed for the alleged health scare and subsequently, Hutton pressed the reality TV star for medical information.

"Lee peppered Kim with questions about her relentless travel schedule, including flying to Nigeria and remaining in the African country for less than 24 hours. Kim hopped a twelve hour plus flight back to Los Angeles," the source said.

"Lee wanted to know specifically what Kim's doctor had told her about pregnancy troubles. Kim admitted that it wasn't just the divorce that caused the scare, but rather her very active lifestyle, which has included numerous promotional appearances that require travel," the insider revealed.