Kim Kardashian Divorce: Humphries, Kardashian Were Sincere, Says Pastor Who Officiated Wedding

Many are still surprised to learn that Kim Kardashian's televised wedding to Kris Humphries ended only after on just 72 days, but the pastor who presided over the couple's wedding ceremony believes the celebrities were sincere in their intentions.

According to, who spoke to the pastor moments after the news of the couple's divorce was announced, Pastor Joel Johnson admits to being sad because he believes that the couple was serious about their pledge to spend a lifetime together.

"Why would Kim do this? I would love to connect with Kim and try to pull the reigns back and redirect this energy in a more redemptive way," said the pastor of Westwood Church in Excelsior, Minn.

Johnson stated that even though he received the invitation to officiate at the couple's wedding on short notice, he wanted to declare that the wedding was "real" and "legal."

"It's a legal marriage," Johnson said. "They’re in covenant and you just don't give away covenant."

Still, Johnson explained that he was shocked by a revelation offered by the reality TV star.

"I asked for a meeting with Kim and Kris beforehand and we covered what we could in that one meeting," explained the pastor, who has had a long association with Humphries. "I asked if they had gone through premarital counseling and they had not because of their circumstances, but they agreed to post marriage counseling. I was very impressed with Kim in that."

When asked what it was like spending time with the couple, Johnson described the encounter as meaningful:

"It was a meaningful conversation; I've known Kris a long time and gone into some deep places with him. I felt really good about the meeting. I felt what I experienced was genuine."

Johnson then expressed sympathies for the couple, stating:

"I feel for both of them. I think two of the hardest things to deal with are wealth and fame and they have both. I knew it would be a challenging one for them. So many people condemned the wedding before it happened saying it wouldn’t last. But when I spoke to Kris, I knew where his heart was and I said I wanted to meet Kim personally. I was totally impressed with Kim."

The Christian Post left a message with Pastor Johnson, but it was not addressed by press time.