Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kim's Marriage Decision Reflects Mother's Past

Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s mother, admitted her first marriage dissipated because of her immaturity, and has seen some of her previous choices manifest in her daughters’ love lives.

In an interview with Jay Leno on Tuesday, Jenner admitted she committed adultery against her first spouse, Robert Kardashian. Jenner said her decision to have an affair was one of the worst she has ever made.

“When you're very young you do a lot of stupid things. It's probably the biggest regret of my life that I ended up having an affair,” said Jenner to Leno.

She admitted having the wrong idea about marriage in her past.

“[I was] probably just really naive and stupid and restless and did not realize that marriage has it ups and downs,” Jenner said. “Someone once told me that it's like a roller-coaster, just ride it out, but I wasn't really old enough to hear those words.”

Although the word “adultery” was not confirmed among the discussions concerning Kim’s 72-day whirlwind marriage, it seems Kim’s idea of marriage may be similar to her mother’s.

Jenner revealed she married her current husband of 20 years after five months of dating. For that reason, she was not alarmed to see Kim marry after a brief dating period.

“I met and married Bruce Jenner in five months. I do not meet every guy Kim dates and (think) ‘this is the guy she's going to marry,' no,” Jenner said. “When they told me they were going to marry I had no reason to think this is going to be a red flag.”

The mother of six spoke about her daughter Khloe following the same trend, after marrying NBA star Lamar Odom quickly.

“Khloe and Lamar met and married in 30 days and gave me nine days to plan a wedding,” Jenner said. “And they are the two most hopelessly in love kids I know.”

Despite other people’s opinions on the matter, Jenner said she would support her daughter if she decided to reconcile with her soon-to-be ex-husband or not.

“I told her follow your heart and the only thing I can do is be here for you,” Jenner said.