Kim Kardashian Flip Flops Relieve Swollen Feet as Due Date Nears

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(Photograph: Instagram/Kim Kardashian)Kim Kardashian shares "date night" photograph of Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian has finally embraced flip flops to accommodate her swollen feet just weeks ahead of her due date.

The reality TV star, who is rumored to have scored a Weight Watchers deal, has naturally gained weight during her pregnancy and while she insisted on wearing heels for the majority of the time, she has now conceded to wearing sensible footwear, according to Daily Mail. The publication published photos of Kardashian in flip flops.

"My foot is so swollen. I will say. It really is. And I'm sad. You know, 'cause all my shoes doen't really fit me anymore. But I heard it goes back. Hopefully," Kardashian said on ABC's "Live with Kelly and Michael."

Kardashian, 32, is often photographed wearing sky high heels with Christian Louboutins being among her favorite designer shoes, but her swollen feet have made it nearly impossible to wear them.

"I just bought my first pair of flats the other day. And I wore them. They are SO uncomfortable. Like, my heels are so comfortable," Kardashian said.

(PHOTO) Twitter: @kimkardashianKim Kardashian shares swollen feet photos on Twitter

The E! reality star is currently seven months along in her pregnancy and reportedly already planning her post-baby weight loss strategy. Kardashian is allegedly yet to accept the rumored weight loss deal, but if she does in fact sign on, she would join the likes of singer Jessica Simpson as a Weight Watchers celebrity spokeswoman.

"Weight Watchers have made their offer and she's likely to sign in the coming days," a source told the Daily Star U.K.

"Kim thinks constantly about how she's going to get her figure back once she's had the baby. This will spur her on," the source continued while outlining possible reasons that Kardashian is likely to accept.

Kardashian has openly complained about the affect that her pregnancy has had on her body, particularly her lips and feet, and fans are hopeful that a weight loss deal will help her regain confidence after the baby birth of her and rapper Kanye West's first child.

It is unclear how much the weight loss giant has allegedly offered to pay Kardashian as part of the deal, but in 2012 Simpson, 32, was allegedly paid $4 million to lose 50 pounds in five months as part of her deal.