Kim Kardashian Gets Relationship Advice From Kylie Jenner

Kim Kardashian is revealing some interesting tidbits in the December 2012 issue of British Cosmopolitan, including her boyfriend boosting her self esteem and relying on her 15-year-old sister for relationship advice.

Kardashian, 32, appears in the publication alongside her sisters Kourtney and Khloe this month, however the reality television star is not afraid to admit that she relies on her rapper boyfriend Kanye West to make her feel good about herself.

"He's great at boosting my confidence," Kim told British Cosmopolitan. "He gives me compliments in every way possible."

While Kardashian seems to be the muse for much of West's music in which fans hear him rap her name on records, some may be surprised to hear that her little sister Kylie Jenner has served as her relationship advisor for years.

"She's such an old soul," Kim told British Cosmopolitan. "I've been going to her for relationship advice for years. She has always steered me in the right direction since she was about 12. She would be like, 'OK, do not call him.'"

However, in a recent interview with Daily Mail UK, Kim insisted that she and her sisters also work to be role models for young girls like her sister Kylie.

"You have to take responsibility for the role you've been given, and I think our brand is about empowering women," Kim told the publication. "Just last night I was with some girlfriends and we were saying how much we enjoy encouraging women to start businesses."

Although she is known for posing in some scantily clad photo shoots and starring in a sex tape, Kardashian described her definition of a role model

"I feel being a role model goes beyond fashion or body image. Yes, it's about looking and feeling our best, not just in what we wear but in health and fitness and beauty, too," she told Daily Mail. "It's about a strong work ethic, about being the best we can be every day."