Kim Kardashian 'Hates' Being Pregnant, Cries Constantly (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO:Twitter/Kim Kardashian)Kardashian posts photos of baby bump.

Kim Kardashian opened up about her pregnancy in a tell-all interview with reality TV Producer Ryan Seacrest.

The reality TV star, 31, is currently six months along in her pregnancy and although she claims her sister Kourtney and mother Kris Jenner had relatively easy pregnancies, her first experience has been a nightmare. Kardashian is expecting a child with rapper Kanye West, 35.

"I was waiting for this amazing experience where I could just do whatever I want, eat whatever I want, feel great, and it just hasn't been that way," Kardashian said on Sunday's "Ryan Seacrest with The Kardashians: An E! News Presentation."

"I haven't had morning sickness, so I've heard that I'm really lucky, and I feel lucky [but] it's just really painful everywhere," she continued, with her sister Khloe revealing that the reality star cries constantly. "Seriously It's not even an emotional [cry]– it's like a pain, physically."

Khloe, who is desperately trying to have a baby of her own with husband Lamar Odom, explained why Kardashian cries constantly.

"Her back hurts, her breasts hurt, her stomach hurts, her feet hurt, her head hurts, her eyes hurt, her nails hurt," Khloe said as Kardashian agreed, "Pain everywhere! Seriously."

Kardashian is reportedly so unhappy being pregnant that she has advised Khloe, who suffers from fertility issues, not to conceive. The reality TV star urged her little sister to adopt or use a surrogate.

"[Kim says] 'I hate this!'" Khloe said about Kardashian's pregnancy.

The interview comes days after it was claimed that West, who is currently living in Paris, reportedly may not move back to the U.S. Kardashian despite the reality TV star being pregnant. The couple, who has been dating for over one year, has reportedly spent a total of 18 days together since announcing they're expecting in January.

"She's telling friends that she's miserable in her relationship with Kanye because he's deserted her," a source close to Kardashian allegedly told In Touch magazine.