Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries Prepare for Nasty Divorce Trial

Kim Kardashian reportedly spent three hours at the home of her famed divorce attorney, Laura Wasser, on Saturday, after learning that a public divorce trial against her estranged husband Kris Humphries is becoming more likely.

During a brief court hearing on Friday, Wasser accused the NBA star of prolonging his divorce from Kardashian in a bid to boost his own publicity, which a source close to Humphries dismissed as nonsense, according to reports.

"That is absolutely ridiculous! Kim and her lawyer are trying to bully Kris into a settlement and that isn't going to happen," a source told Radar.

"The only way that this case won't go to trial is if Kim publicly apologizes to Kris and admits that she only married him for television ratings. Kris just wants the truth to come out and Kim is just absolutely livid that she isn't getting her own way," the insider added.

Kardashian appeared somber as she was photographed leaving Wasser's home, which has fueled speculation that the pair are preparing for a bitter divorce battle in a trial that could potentially add further damage to Kardashian's image.

The 31-year-old has received widespread backlash from fans ever since abruptly filing for divorce from Humphries, 27, in October after just 72-days of marriage.

A growing number of critics, including Humphries himself, allege that the lavish nuptials, which aired on the E! network, was a publicity stunt for financial gain on Kardashian's part. Radar reported that she earned at least $15 million for selling the filming rights to E! and selling the wedding photos to a tabloid magazine.

Humphries, who was reportedly offered $7 million by Kardashian to "shut up and go away," immediately turned down the settlement offer and instead wants a public apology and a wedding hoax admission, according to The New York Post.

"Kris wants Kim to admit to fraud, to admit the whole thing was staged for publicity, to make a public apology to him because he really wanted a marriage," a source told the New York Post.

The divorce trial will likely be televised under California law which would likely lead to unwanted exposure for Kardashian.

Superior Court Judge Stephen Moloney ordered both parties to return to court on August 15 for a status hearing.