Kim Kardashian Let Baby North West Wear Engagement Ring

Kim Kardashian received her engagement ring from rapper boyfriend Kanye West last Monday and recently admitted that she only took it off to let their baby girl try it on.

Kardashian, the 33-year-old reality television star, opened up about giving the pair's four-month-old daughter North West the opportunity to try her engagement ring on.

"It's been on all the time. It's been on when I'm at the gym. It's been on everywhere," she told E! News. "I took it off and put it on her. We brought it to her right after and told her."

The reality television star went on to speak about just how happy she was with the way her life is progressing these days.

"I'm extremely happy. Its where I am at in my life and I hope people can see that because it's what's going on with me right now," Kardashian told E! News.
West reportedly designed his fiancee Kardashian's engagement ring himself after a grand proposal on her birthday.

"Kanye was involved in every single way. He had a vision from the beginning. He looked at a lot of stones and he wanted only the best," a rep for Lorraine Schwartz told E! News. "He and Lorraine emailed back and forth, and stayed up nights discussing how he wanted it to be. He wanted the diamond to look like it was floating on air. Everything was his idea from beginning to end."

West recently revealed that he wants to be able to live in heaven with his fiancee in the future.

"I have never loved any girl other than my mother as much as I love my girlfriend. And I'm so happy to be with her, for us to live this life together. And with our relationship with God to be able to live forever in heaven together, too," West told San Francisco radio station 106 KMEL recently. "And also to raise a family, a strong family…"