Kim Kardashian Mermaid Costume to Battle Hurricane Sandy? (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian has come up with her own way of preparing for the hurricane. There will be no house boarding or emergency kits involved however, instead the reality star has opted to transform herself into a sea creature.

Kim Kardashian will swim her way through Hurricane Sandy according to some reports made in jest. The reality star was spotted in New York City donning a mermaid costume on Saturday night. The city however, is no place to party at current as an unprecedented storm approaches sparking mandatory evacuations across the city.

Kardashian appeared at a Halloween party in the city on Saturday wearing a long blonde wig with a seashell top that transitioned into a flowing green dress. The bottom of the dress flared out to one side, giving it a tail appearance. The material used also had a green sheen to it, making it glitter and appear wet.

Kanye West escorted his "mermaid girlfriend" dressed like a sailor in a striped top, blue blazer, rolled up white pants, and red shoes. But despite a Saturday night appearance, Kardashian was quick to jet herself back to Miami although she offered safe wishes for everyone in New York.

"Back in Miami now. Missed the storm. I'm praying for everyone on the East Coast. I hope everyone is safe!" Kardashian wrote on Twitter.

(PHOTO:Twitter/Kim Kardashian)Kim Kardashian uploads photo of herself and friend in Halloween costume.

But while she was quick to be over New York, it appears that the blonde wig has had a longer lasting effect. Kardashian asked fans on Twitter if she shouldn't actually die her hair the same color.

"Kinda loving this blonde wig! Should I dye it for real?" she wrote posting a photo of herself in the wig.