Kim Kardashian New Selfies Fuel Plastic Surgery Rumors; Reality Star Changing Image?

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(PHOTO) Instagram: kimkardashianKim Kardashian poses alongside sister Kylie Jenner

Kim Kardashian recently shared new selfies while filming scenes for her family's hit reality TV show and fans are speculating whether the reality TV star may have underwent plastic surgery.

The new mom, 32, showed off her newly dyed blonde locks while posing in her pyjamas on Instagram and fans could not help but observe her looking noticeably different. Social networking site Twitter was abuzz as the photos fueled plastic surgery speculation.

"Did Kim K get a nose job? New pics look super different. She's so gorgeous!" Elaine tweeted.

"I think Kim Kardashian got rhinoplasty, her bridge looks narrow and the tip has been refined. Is it just me?" Laura tweeted.

"Kim Kardashian's face looks so different in the xmas special filming pics! Botox? New nose? I can't figure it out," Deedee wrote.

(PHOTO) Instagram: @kimkardashianKim Kardashian poses on set

Kardashian has previously been open about getting botox on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," however she has denied going under the knife.

The plastic surgery speculation follows reports claiming Kardashian recently fired her longtime publicist, Jill Fritzo, as part of her alleged image overhaul. The E! star is reportedly desperate to rebrand after allegedly being advised to do so by her boyfriend Kanye West, 36.

"Kim wants to set herself apart from the Kardashian p.r. machine and Kanye West advised her to build her own team," a source told the New York Post's Page Six.

Fritzo, who is from PMK*BNC, was reportedly replaced with Slate PR co-founder, Ina Treciokas. While she is no longer representing Kardashian, she is still working with her sisters.

In recent months Kardashian, who is notorious for embracing the paparazzi, has uncharacteristically kept a low profile and sources claim that this is a part of a plan to change her image. The E! Star recently dyed her brunette locks after West allegedly recommended a new look.

"Kanye has big plans to totally revamp Kim's whole life. He is specific in what he wants her to look like and dress like and she's happily going along with the plan now," a source told

"There are more big changes planned and it seems like Kim is totally on board with everything Kanye wants," the source continued adding "She feels like she is becoming more sophisticated by following his advice."

Kardashian, whose trademark long, dark locks helped form her image, has been photographed in recent weeks wearing attire that is far more conservative in contrast to her pre-baby days. While initially there were reservations, the reality star is now said to be happy to make drastic changes to her public image after giving birth in June.

"Kim really didn't like it when Kanye first started to take over her whole life, she felt like he was criticizing her, but now she's happy with how she sees herself changing," the source explained.

"Ever since she had baby North she's been trying to conform to what Kanye wants, like staying out of the public eye and getting a makeover to look more glamorous, and she likes the results," the source added.