Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Beyonce, Khloe's Jealousy and Divorce Delay

Kim Kardashian is ready to clear up rumors about her friendship with singer Beyonce Knowles, her sister Khloe's reaction to her pregnancy and the details about her divorce from husband Kris Humphries amid a public pregnancy.

Kardashian, 32-year-old reality television star from E! Network's "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" has been the subject of media headlines after announcing that she was pregnant with rapper boyfriend Kanye West's baby. West's friend and longtime collaborator music mogul Jay-Z is married to well-known singer Beyonce Knowles who has been rumored to have issues with Kardashian.

However, the reality television star finally opened up about her relationship with Knowles during a recent appearance on Shade 45's radio show "Sway In The Morning."

"(She's) one of the most sweetest people I've ever met. She's so sweet, I have no idea where these things come from," Kardashian said of her alleged feuds with Knowles that were fueled in a number of media reports. "I think (people) just like to make up these feuds (because) it's more interesting. We've never even talked about it."

Kardashian said she never felt the need to address Knowles about the matter because the 31-year-old singer endures a life full of false media reports.

"It doesn't even come up in conversation, probably because they get so many ridiculous stories brought to them everyday of things that are true and not true. And vice versa," Kardashian told radio host Sway. "Things come at us everyday I don't think we'd sit down and be like 'ok did you hear this story about us, is this true?' That stuff just doesn't come up even with my family... I don't sit there and say 'Khloe do you really feel that way?'"

Khloe, Kardashian's younger sister, has publicly acknowledged her issues with fertility. When various media sources reported that the 28-year-old wife of NBA forward Lamar Odom may not be happy for her sister's pregnancy, Kim said she was saddened.

"It's really all not real. I don't know where they come up with all of this stuff. The Khloe (story), that just makes me sad because Khloe is so happy and she said to me the other day 'Thank God it's you. I don't know if I'm ready yet,'" Kardashian told Sway. "But people have twisted it to be completely different."

Kardashian's mother and manager Kris Jenner has also been the subject of media headlines that allege she is encouraging West to take out a $10 million life insurance policy for his future child which has caused issues between the two. However, Kardashian insisted that these were also false tales created by media outlets who did not check their facts.

"That is so ridiculous. We haven't even thought of stuff like that. My mom, she knows her place. That's nothing she would even talk to Kanye about," Kardashian said, insisting that her boyfriend and mother have a good relationship. "It's so crazy that people even make up these things. No one calls to fact check. It's ridiculous."

Although Kardashian is not shy about referencing her rapper boyfriend, she is still technically married to Humphries who will not grant her a divorce. The reality television star explained why the divorce process has been a lengthy one for her.

"Well technically we're legally separated so it's like in the legal system it's been that way for a year and a half now. I can't really speak for him. I think the facts are I filed for divorce, he's suing me for an annulment and the only legal way to ever get an annulment is if there is fraud involved," Kardashian explained. "So he is claiming that I (defrauded) him to marry him for publicity. To me, who would ever do that? He was someone that I loved a lot but you can love someone a lot and realize they're not the right person for you. I would have rather ended it when I felt that way than waste a year of my life not being happy."

While Kardashian said she is aware that people have criticized her for getting pregnant by someone other than her legal husband, the reality television star defended her decision to do so by claiming that it was a blessing from God.

"In a perfect world, I would like to be divorced. It's been going on its second year. That's really tough just because I want to move on with my life," Kardashian admitted. " If anyone really knew all of the fertility problems and all of the things I was going through God brings you things at a time when you least expect it. I'm such a planner and this was meant to be. What am I going to do, wait years to get a divorce? I would love one, it's a process."

Kardashian also had a message for people who joked about the lifespan of her marriage.

"All the jokes, like 'things longer than Kim's marriage,' technically I'm still married, so that joke doesn't really work," Kardashian quipped. "I've been married for two years now. Give it up people."

While Kardashian admitted that she and West "have talked" about marriage, she recently told NBC's "Today" show that the pair are "focusing on the baby."

"(We're) so content with how things are right now and how life is and we're so happy," Kardashian said. "We definitely want that in the future, but I'm not in a rush."