Kim Kardashian Opens Up About 'Healthy' Relationship

Kim Kardashian,31, finally feels like she is in a healthy relationship.

The reality television star reportedly spoke to the Herald Sun about what having a healthy relationship means to her recently.

"To be in a happy, healthy relationship means everything," Kardashian reportedly said. "It's everything when you want to share your life with someone."

Still, the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star admitted that mistakes can be made in a relationship after divorcing NBA player Kris Humphries following 72 days of marriage.

"We all make mistakes," Kardashian told the Herald Sun. "Life is about learning as you go and not making the same mistakes again. Nobody is perfect. I don't ever try to be. I try to be responsible and honest and open."

However,she spoke about the importance of being happy in her current relationship.

"Happiness is everything, life is short, and you should never not be happy," Kardashian told the Herald Sun.. "Relationships go through different things, and that's completely normal. But you know when you're happy.I've slowed down a little bit and for the better."

According to the reality television star, she is a different person than she was when she was married to Humphries.

"I'm such a different person today," Kardashian told hosts of "The View" on ABC recently. "I care more about the simple things. You really figure out what's important in life."

While Kardashian delved a bit into her relationship with rapper Kanye West, she admitted to the show's co-host Barbara Walters that she was ready for children.

"Now having a real shift in my priorities in life, that's definitely my number one," the 31-year-old reality television star said about having a family.

Kardashian and West have been dating for six months and the small screen star said she is thinking about the future with him in it. However, Kardashian is not afraid to admit that her divorce from NBA forward Kris Humphries is still pending.

"Technically I'm still married," Kardashian said. "In a perfect world, when you find someone, you know, when you find someone who is your perfect match …"

When asked if West was "the one," Kardashian said she believed he was and spoke about their relationship being a permanent union.

"I think so," Kardashian said on the show. "I definitely think any [relationship] I'm in now would be a permanent relationship."