Kim Kardashian Picks Baby Godmother?

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(PHOTO REUTERS/Danny MoloshokSisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has reportedly chosen the godmother of her child soon to be born, and as expected, the reality TV star selected one of her four sisters.

The 31-year-old, who is said to be 16 weeks along in her pregnancy, allegedly asked her 28-year-old younger sister Khloe to take on the role. Khloe, who is still struggled to conceive her first child, is already godmother to sister Kourtney's 2-year-old son Mason Disick,

"Khloe will be the godmother," a source reportedly told

Khloe has previously been open about her ongoing fertility struggles throughout her 4-year marriage to NBA star Lamar Odom, however the godmother report could finally give the reality TV star something to smile about.

Kardashian is said to be reluctant to pick out her baby's name, with a source claiming she and rapper Kanye West would rather wait until the late stages of her pregnancy.

"They haven't even started thinking about baby names yet, they want to wait until a month before she's due to start the process," a source said. "They know they'll change their mind 100 times over again."

The couple has already planned for certain aspects of Kardashian's labor, with a new report suggesting they are preparing to splash out on hospital security to ensure their privacy. In 2012 West's good friend Beyonce reportedly dropped $1.3 million on hospital security and Kardashian allegedly wants to follow suit.

"They definitely want their s--- to be on lock and don't want nosy a-- people all up in they stuff," a source close to the couple told

"It's going to be like Fort Knox at whatever hospital they deliver at," the source said, referring to the U.S. Army Post.

West, 35, has reportedly been attending to Kardashian's every need in the months leading up to the baby's birth to ensure both her and their fetus' well-being.

"All [he's] doing now is just making sure Kim and the baby are healthy and that she's getting rest and food and exercise," the source says.