Kim Kardashian Post-Baby Tummy Tuck Plans Scrapped by Kanye West?

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(PHOTO) Twitter: @KimKardashianKim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kanye West is reportedly opposing Kim Kardashian's plastic surgery plans with a report claiming the rapper is skeptical of such procedures following the 2007 death of his late mother.

Various reports claimed Tuesday that Kardashian, who is five months along in her pregnancy, was considering a tummy tuck after she gives birth in July. The reality TV star is reportedly struggling with pregnancy weight gain and subsequently she wants a post-pregnancy makeover, according to The Sun U.K.

"The family's trying to convince Kim to relax and worry about losing the weight months from now," Kardashian's aunt Joan allegedly told The Sun.

"Other than her belly, which is still rather flat, every part of her body has ballooned," she explained adding that a post pregnancy tummy tuck "will take care of most of her weight fears."

West, 35, lost his mother to complications stemming from similar surgical procedures. Donda, who was 58 at the time of her death, died of a "coronary artery disease and multiple post-operative factors due to or as a consequence of liposuction and mammoplasty," according to a Coroner's report obtained by

The rapper is said to be pleased with Kardashian's appearance and is against her alleged plans to go under the knife after she gives birth.

"Kanye ain't controlling, but he would be in this situation. That's something he's against like for real for real," a source told

"He don't want Kim to be doing that s---, you know that's what took his moms back in the day," the source continued, adding, "Kanye likes her just the way she is."

While the couple appears to have different opinions, the reality TV star is likely more concerned about her upcoming divorce trial against Kris Humphries. Kardashian recently suffered a huge blow to her case after one of her show's producers testified in court and admitted to staging scenes.

Russell Jay, who is a producer on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," admitted that at least two scenes were previously "scripted, reshot or edited" to portray Humphries, 28, in a negative light.

The NBA star refuses to sign divorce papers and has insisted on an annulment of their marriage based on fraud. He claims Kardashian, 32, married him for publicity and financial gain, but the reality TV star insists that she married for love.