Kim Kardashian Punk'd Before MTV Movie Awards

Kim Kardashian became the latest Punk'd victim Sunday night, in the Punk'd Party which introduced the "MTV Movie Awards."

"Kim you're about to know what a real reality show looks like," Ashton Kutcher announced Sunday before he collaborated with Scott Disick on a prank against the reality television star.

Kardashian is seen is furiously texting away on her phone while Disick pulls over to get gas. The reality TV star is then distracted when a man is sent over to request a photo with her. The man presents himself as a "huge" fan and begs Kardashian to pose for a photo with him. Kardashian agrees and allows the man to take two photos before he walks away.

Disick then returns to the car, and charges the same man with stealing his wallet. A "furious" Disick drives off with the car, and Kardashian as a passenger, but the gas is still attached and creates an explosion. When the police are summonsed, the pair is charged with blowing up the car. Kardashian then states that the man stole Disick's wallet.

"Ok, something weird is really going on," Kardashian states before the police arrive, in reaction to the massive blast that has just taken place. After the police arrive they question the reality star.

"We heard an explosion from down the street," one of the officers remarks.

"I really don't know," a confused Kardashian responds.

When Kardashian finds Scott's wallet in the car she leaves him with police and returns to the car to make a phone call.

"Hey, Scott is crazy," Kardashian says to person on the other end of the line. "He said some guy stole his wallet and I was like texting someone so I wasn't paying attention."

The man then returns to Kardashian, interrupting her phone conversation saying that she treats her fans badly. A nonchalant Kardashian seems not to care however and shrugs her shoulders.

Finally Kutcher arrives and relieves Kardashian from her ever confused state, forcing her to say the famous "Punk'd" phrase.

"I'm Kim Kardashian and I just got punk'd."

"For years it seems like the Kardashians have been punking us, with their mediocre fashion," the MTV host joked, adding that it was good to finally see Kardashian get 'punk'd.