Kim Kardashian Revealed Atkins Diet Help Shed Baby Weight, Still Wants Hollywood Star

Kim Kardashian has amazed fans with her ability to shed her post baby weight, but the reality television star revealed the secret to her success.

"I've actually been doing the Atkins diet & luv it," Kardashian posted to her Twitter account.

Atkins is the original low-carb diet, casting out processed foods in favor of lean meat, eggs, dairy, fresh veggies and fruit – and eventually grains such as brown rice and whole wheat pasta.

It forces the body to convert stored carbohydrates to glucose and then turns glucose to fat. Once additional carbohydrates are removed from the diet the body is forced to burn the converted fat for energy.

A rep for Atkins told the Daily News that Kardashian started the diet in Phase 2 – instead of the more restrictive Phase 1 – because she was nursing.

"After she delivered her baby on June 15, she wanted an effective and balance way to lose the baby weight. She'd done Atkins before and knew it worked, so once she got the approval of her doctor, we connected her with our Vice President of Nutrition Colette Heimowitz, who counseled her directly," Jennifer Livingston, a spokeswoman with Atkins Nutritionals, told The News.

"Being a new nursing mother, she needed adequate calories to be healthy for her child and keep up her milk production. What's great about Atkins is that it's not about counting calories or depriving yourself," she said.

Her desire to slim down could be due to her goal of one day having a Hollywood star of her own.

Kim Kardashian is reportedly still determined to get a star on the Hollywood walk of fame despite having received an unpleasant response from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

"Kanye thinks she's the queen of reality TV," a source told "Nobody comes close to matching her fame or empire and if there's anybody that deserves a star out there, it's Kim."