Kim Kardashian Reveals How She Overcomes Naysayers

Kim Kardashian is revealing how she ignores her naysayers.

When one fan asked the 33-year-old "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star exactly how she managed to ignore those speaking negatively about her, the TV personality took to Mobio Insider to respond.

"It's hard because seems that these days people can never be happy for you. People can hide behind their computer and say whatever they want," Kardashian wrote on the social networking website. "Always throwing some shade to ruin a fun or exciting moment you may be having. You just have to be positive and truly ignore it. Never change who you are."

Kardashian went on to give her fan another tip about overcoming negativity by writing, "be happy for others, and be happy for yourself if you accomplished something you are proud of!"

While Kardashian may ignore a great deal of her critics, it seems certain topics caused her to react to them last year. One of those topics has to do with her 6-month-old daughter with fiance Kanye West.

Kardashian defended herself against one Twitter follower who criticized her for tweeting about having fun more than parenting. When Kardashian did share that she took her daughter swimming for the first time, one follower's response seemed to upset her.

"We took our baby girl swimming today for the 1st time, she loved it so much! ‪#BestDayEver‬," Kardashian tweeted.

However, the follower responded with the tweet,"‪@KimKardashian‬ probably cos she actually got to see her parents for a change!"

Kardashian stood up for herself and her daughter North West's father.

"U sound so ignorant. Bc I don't tweet or instagram my every move w my daughter means I am not with her 247? We share what we want," she tweeted directly responding to her naysayer. "Or is it bc I go support my fiance at every show & I post pix? When the baby goes down 4 bed or a nap, parents are allowed 2 work & support each other, maybe even have fun too."