Kim Kardashian Skype Request with Kris Humphries: Star Wanted to Tape Final Farewell, Denied (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian requested a Skype interview with Kris Humphries prior to the couple finalizing their divorce.

"It really bothers me that he really feels in his heart that I didn't love him," Kim Kardashian said of her ex, Kris Humphries, during a recent episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." Kardashian and Humphries did not have an in person meeting prior to their divorce, but based on the latest episode, it would appear that Kardashian would have preferred to speak with Humphries.

During the episode, Kardashian requests to have a Skype call with Humphries before the divorce settlement in an attempt to talk things out. When her mother and sister question why she would want to talk to Humphries she states: "There are things would own up to, and say you know what I'm sorry I hurt you, I'm sorry if you felt like we should have communicated better in our filing for divorce."

During the divorce settlement Humphries accused Kardashian of hoaxing him into a marriage for the purpose of television ratings. He referred to his marriage with Kardashian as a "sham" and initially requested an annulment over having a divorce. In a March deposition however, Kardashian denied all such claims stating that she "really did love" Humphries when she agreed to marry him.

Sources have charged however that Humphries declined a Skype chat with Kardashian because she wanted to tape the final farewell.

Humphries, "said no way," to filming a video chat a source told Radar Online. "Kris turned down Kim's offer because he didn't want to appear on any of the Kardashian reality shows ever again. Kim and Kris haven't spoken since the divorce was made final, and there are no plans to do so."

"It was the end of his marriage, and it was a reflective time for him. It didn't surprise him that Kim carried on the way she did on the show," the source added.

It took the couple over a year and a half to obtain a divorce following a 72-day marriage.