Kim Kardashian Struggling to Breastfeed, May Switch to Baby Bottle?

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(PHOTO:Twitter/Kim Kardashian)Kardashian posts photos of baby bump.

Kim Kardashian is still adjusting to motherhood following the birth of her first child on June 15 and a new report claims that breastfeeding has been difficult for the reality TV star.

On Saturday Kardashian, 32, reportedly delivered a baby girl via natural birth and although the newborn was five weeks early, both mother and baby are said to be doing well. The reality TV star is reportedly considering putting her and rapper Kanye West's baby on a bottle due to alleged challenges.

"Kim is breastfeeding now but it seems like she's having trouble. She is planning to keep trying do it for a little while longer but she may end up switching to a bottle," an insider told

"She has been telling friends that it is really hard, so we don't know how much longer she's really going to do it," the source added.

On Wednesday it was claimed that Kardashian and West, who have dated for one year, hired a nurse to assist with their first child for the first year of her life. The E! star reportedly employed the same nurse used by her older sister Kourtney, 34, after the birth of her second child Penelope.

The new mom recently admitted that motherhood is "crazy" in an exclusive statement given to E! Producer Ryan Seacrest.

"Can't believe it! It's so crazy!" Kardashian allegedly told Seacrest in an email.

Kardashian's entire birthing experience was reportedly captured on camera however the footage is said to be for personal use and is not expected to be made public.

"Kim was taken to Cedars [the hospital], and [E!] cameras followed her there. The camera crew did attempt to accompany Kim into the hospital," a source said.

"When Kanye arrived, he told them to get lost, which they did. Kanye didn't want this precious moment to be documented for TV," the source continued "Kim's momager, Kris Jenner, who was in the delivery room, filmed portions of it for family viewing only. Kanye told Kris when she could film."

Fans are anxiously awaiting the first baby photos of Kardashian's baby girl as well as details about her name.

Various reports claim the couple named their daughter Kaidence Georgia Donda West however sources have dismissed these reports as rumors.