Kim Kardashian to Marry Kanye West in Commitment Ceremony Amid Divorce?

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(PHOTO) Twitter: @KimKardashianKim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will reportedly tie the knot in an unofficial ceremony amid her ongoing divorce from NBA star Kris Humphries.

The reality TV star, who is expecting her first child with West, will exchange vows and wedding rings with the rapper, 35, before a group of close family and friends despite her still being legally married to Humphries, 28, according to The Sun U.K. Kardashian will still be married to Humphries when she gives birth to West's baby in July.

"Kanye is very traditional. He'd have liked to marry Kim now they are having a baby but with Kim still married to someone else, there is not much he can do," a source told The Sun.

"It won't be official like a wedding because Kanye wants that to be extra special when the time comes," the source added.

The unofficial wedding will reportedly take place in Malibu followed by a lavish reception, which will take place at a private beach mansion in Malibu.

"They will still exchange rings they just won't wear them on their wedding fingers. One of Kim's friends is lending them his [$11 million] Malibu beach mansion and the entire bash will take place there," the source explained. "It'll be a lot more low-key than a wedding."

Kardashian infamously filed for divorce from Humphries in 2011 after just 72 days of marriage and she is reportedly furious that their divorce has not yet been finalized. The 32-year-old believes that Humphries, who is insisting on an annulment of their marriage as opposed to divorce, is ruining her life.

"Kim is seeing red because she is still legally married to Kris Humphries. Kim is overjoyed at the news that she is pregnant with Kanye's baby, but she isn't able to fully embrace it because of Kris," a source told RadarOnline. "Kim feels that Kris is hell bent on dragging her name through the mud by prolonging the divorce proceedings."

Humphries is reportedly refusing to sign divorce papers unless Kardashian admits that their over-the-top wedding was a stunt for publicity. He has insisted on getting an annulment of their marriage based on fraud.

"The only way that this case won't go to trial is if Kim publicly apologizes to Kris and admits that she only married him for television ratings. Kris just wants the truth to come out and Kim is just absolutely livid that she isn't getting her own way," a separate source previously told Radar Online.

Kardashian and West will reportedly travel to Italy for their honeymoon, which is where they believe that they conceived.

The reality TV star's divorce from Humphries will mark her second, as she was previously married to producer Damon Thomas.