Kim Kardashian Tweet as Little Girl, Shows Off Face Before Surgery? (PHOTOS)

On a recent visit to grandmother's house, Kim Kardashian came across a picture of herself at seven years old. Some say the photo shows proof that the star has had plastic surgery done.

Kim Kardashian wrote on Twitter that she had recently spent the day visiting with her grandmother. The reality star documented the trip by adding a photo of herself and her grandmother to her Twitter account. What caught the attention of fans however, was the second photo that Kardashian posted of herself at 7 years old.

"Look at the photo on the wall in my grandmas store Shannon & Co! I was 7yrs old," Kardashian wrote on Instagram.

Fans ogled at the much younger Kardashian commenting on the photo with "how cute" or "same tiny little face."

Kardashian, 31, has a reputation for putting a large number of photos of herself on Twitter. Photos in the past, however, have usually drawn up more controversy as they tend to be on the more risqué side.

Some reported that the photo didn't look much like the Kardashian reality star that everyone knows today.

"Kim is almost unrecognisable as the fresh-faced little girl with not a scrap of make-up on and wearing a simple knit jumper," Mail Online wrote.

Kardashian's grandmother, Mary Jo, runs a local boutique in San Diego where the photo was found. The reality star is currently spending time in California to shoot for part of one of the Kardashian reality shows. Khloe Kardashian is also back in the California area, following her move to Dallas with husband Lamar Odom and his break away from the Mavericks.

Some users suggested that the photo showed proof that Kardashian has received plastic surgery.

"She was pretty but that doesn't mean she hasn't altered her face. Don't people google? Her nose is much slimmer than it was, and lots of filler in her cheeks which has turned her naturally almond shaped eyes to cat eyes. She's also had laser on her hairline. And of course major body work," Sam wrote on the Mail Online blog.