Kim Kardashian Wedding Inspires Pippa Middleton to Wed

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian’s recent wedding has reached overseas and inspired the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister Pippa Middleton to follow in her footsteps.

With her older sister marrying the Prince of Wales, and Kardashian’s high profile celebrity wedding, Pippa is planning a “trial marriage” with her boyfriend, investment banker Alex Loudon.

According to sources close to the couple, Pippa and Loudon want to give tying the knot a trial run in order to test their compatibility before having a real ceremony.

The British socialite was spotted recently moving her clothes into Loudon’s home according to

The source says the couple is now living together and coping well with the adjustment during this “trial marriage.”

Both Middleton and Kardashian are well known socialites, so like Kardashian, Pippa’s wedding will most likely include a long celebrity guest list.

Celebrities such as Mel B, Eva Longoria, Ryan Seacrest, Mario Lopez and Lindsay Lohan were all in attendance for the Kardashian wedding.

Kim Kardashian wore a Vera Wang gown, which was reportedly inspired by Pippa Middleton’s dress worn at her older sister Kate’s wedding, according to IAN’s.

Many commentators have said Pippa stole some of the spotlight at her sister Kate’s royal wedding, making headlines and becoming a high trending internet media figure with her now infamous dress.

Reports have said she’s been pursued by American singer and actor Justin Timberlake, and linked to a string of other famous men including Prince Harry.

She even had a one hour documentary dedicated to her life air on TLC recently titled; “Crazy About Pippa.”

The special included interviews with family and friends of Pippa who provided insight into her childhood and life.

It also covered her relationship with Prince Harry and how more than 238,000 fans “Like” Pippa on Facebook.