Kris Humphries Dubbed the New Kate Middleton?

Kris Humphries has been nicknamed “Kate Middleton” by his friends according to reports on Wednesday.

The NY Post, citing sources, said Humphries’ pals decided on the name in honor of the new Duchess of Cambridge to tease the NBA star for getting “married into royalty.”

Kardashian and Humphries were seen at LAX airport Monday – reportedly jetting off to their European honeymoon, just two days after their lavish nuptials on August 20. A source told Us Weekly that the couple was visiting several different parts of Europe.

Kim tweeted, “God is good,” following the grandiose ceremony in Montecito, California.

The wedding, attended by 450 guests, reportedly cost an estimated $10 million, which was greatly offset by numerous freebies and the profit made from the photo rights of the event.

No expenses were spared for the Kardashian-Humphries union. Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck catered the event and snacks included $750,000 worth of caviar, Kobe beef burgers, and truffles.

Meanwhile, guests were given several gifts in a show of thanks for sharing the special day – including a candle wrapped in a KK-embroidered box, a notepad with the couple’s picture on it, and heart-shaped Krispy Kreme donuts.

However, one insider told Us Weekly that the affair “was awkward” and explained that “there were 100 crew members everywhere and people kept complaining they almost got hit by five camera guys everywhere they went.”

Kardashian and Humphries earned several “cool millions” – capitalizing on the media frenzy surrounding their wedding.

According to the New York Post the couple will rake in about $17.9 million from exclusive photo sales of the wedding, the E! News TV special that will air in October, and other deals.

"She's certainly not the first (celebrity) to capitalize on her wedding and photos and the press to get everything paid for and more," marketing expert Ryan Schinman, chief of Platinum Rye Entertainment, told AP.

Schubert has said that Kim Kardashian is seen as a “tastemaker” by many brides-to-be who are eager to be associated with her.

E! will air “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event” on October 9 and 10.