Kim Kardashian With 'Aaliyah' Hair? Star Stirs Controversy (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian started controversy over the weekend when she posted a photo on Twitter comparing herself to the late and Aaliyah, who remains hugely popular among her devoted fans.

Aaliyah has been considered one of the most successful R&B artists within the past 25 years. As a recording artist, Aaliyah has often been credited with helping to redefine the genre of R&B and hip-hop. Due to her contributions to music and her tragic death at an early age following a plane crash, she has a strong legacy and fan base.

Those same fans became angered on Saturday when Kim Kardashian decided to post a photo of herself on Twitter, comparing herself to the late recording artist. The photo showed Kardashian with her hair slicked over in a far right part with the caption "Aaliyah hair."

"U cute & all but you will never be Aaliyah status..." Beydabest commented on the reality star's photo. "Don't get me wrong, Kim is cute, I'm more of a Khloe fan, but Kim stay in your lane before you have a wreckkkkkk!!!!"

Others were more harsh.

"----- don't u never say Aaliyah out your mouth again @kimkardashian lost your ---- mind," Honeybee33 wrote.

Fans insisted that Aaliyah would not care for Kardashian had she been around to meet her.

Of course Kardashian is not very short on her own fan base and a number of her fans responded in her defense.

"Making a reference to a hair style does not mean she looks like her or wants to. It simply states the fact that the style is similar," mz_londa wrote.