Kindergarten Teacher Hired Hit Man to Kill Husband for $8,000: School Nurse Assisted

A kindergarten teacher and an elementary school nurse were arrested on Wednesday and charged in plotting to kill a 63-year-old man in Virginia.

Angela Nolen, 47, allegedly constructed a plot to hire a hit man and have her husband killed for the fee of $8,000. Her friend, 37-year-old Cathy Bennett, who is also a nurse at the Sontag Elementary School in Rocky Mount that both women were employed by, assisted Nolen in finding a man for the job.

Paul Strickler, Nolen's ex and the father of her 7-year-old daughter was oblivious to the plan and distraught to discover the news.

"They came in and told me that for the past two weeks they have been investigating an attempt on my life," Strickler told the Roanoke Times. "That they had one person in jail and the investigation was ongoing."

Strickland was in the process of selling his house to Nolan and believes that her plot was an attempt to keep the house without having to make payment.

"If I was dead, she would not have to give me the money," he said. "That scares the H-E-L-L out of me. I'm just so glad that the state police found out about this and uncovered it."

Nolan was arrested after she made a $4,000 payment to an undercover cop whom she believed to be a hired hit man. Strickler, who first met his wife while both were working at Snow Creek Elementary School in Franklin County, said that he and his wife had been married for over 17 years.

"I'm extremely sad and I'm extremely worried," Strickler told the Times. "It's not only a marriage. It's trust, it's children, it's all the things that you build over 17 years."

The incident did not affect the children at the school where both women worked, according to officials.

"These events as we understand them did not involve the school or any students and they are as safe as we can reasonably make them," Franklin County Superintendent Mark Church, according to the Franklin News Post.