Kindle Fire 2 Release Date Approaches for LTE Model, 7-inch HD Version Gets Rooted

The Kindle Fire 2 release date for the 8.9-inch W-iFi and LTE models is quickly approaching and it appears that the 7-inch version has already been rooted.

The device originally appeared to be extremely secure and impossible to root. However, the Kindle Fire 2, known better as the Kindle Fire HD, can be rooted as XDA Developers have reported that they accomplished the feat.

Rooting is the Android equivalent to jailbreaking an iPhone, which means it will void the warranty on a device.

XDA Developers have opened up a forum where people who are interested in rooting their 7-inch Kindle Fire HD can receive instructions.

The Kindle Fire HD is the successor to the original Kindle Fire tablet and comes with either an 8.9-inch screen with 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution and 254 PPI or a 7-inch display with the same specs. The tablet is capable of in-plane switch and Amazon promises that it is 40 percent faster than the original thanks to its TI OMAP 4470 processor.

Amazon also stated that the device's MIMO antenna allows it to retrieve content at a rate 41 percent faster than the new Google Nexus 7 or iPad.

It also is the first tablet to feature Dolby Digital, which brings a dual speaker system as opposed to the singular speaker found on the iPad. The Kindle Fire HD battery is supposed to last longer according to Amazon, and the tablet starts with 16GB RAM.

The 7-inch version of the Kindle Fire HD launched on Sept. 14 and sells for just $199, while the 8.9-inch model will not be available until Nov. 20 and will cost $299. The 32GB LTE model will cost $499 and will cost the owner $50 per year for service.