'Kingdom Hearts 3' News: 2018 Really May Be the Year That the Long-Awaited Sequel Is Released

New tweet from Square Enix gives fans another reason to expect a 2018 release for the game
Twitter courtesy of @KINGDOMHEARTS'Kingdom Hearts 3' will take players to Mount Olympus

It has already been more than four years since "Kingdom Hearts 3" was first announced, and by the time the Electronic Entertainment Expo begins this year, the count will have increased to five.

For much of that time, fan were left to guess at how close or how far the sequel was from actually being ready.

The good news for those patiently waiting for the game is that the developers finally revealed more information about it last year, even sharing some new gameplay featuring Sora, Donald and Goofy clearing the Toy Story world of the Heartless.

As much as fans appreciated seeing that new footage of the game, they likely loved the reveal that came later on in the trailer, as developers finally attached a release year to the sequel.

The two words "Coming 2018" were enough to send many fans all over the world into a state of euphoria. At long last, they could now point to a year for "Kingdom Hearts 3's" arrival and know that developers were onboard with it too.

Now, there is another reason for fans to get more excited, or to just maintain their level of excitement at the very least.

A recent tweet from Square Enix USA links to a Destructoid article that features the website's "most anticipated games of 2018." Among those games is "Kingdom Hearts 3," and Square Enix USA expressed excitement over the inclusion of that title.

The fact that the people from Square Enix are not backing away from that 2018 release window and are instead drawing attention to it should be encouraging. The past few months have offered no new details with regard to a more defined date of arrival, though fans are probably okay with that for as long as the game is still coming out this year.

The way things are looking right now, there is a good chance that fans will finally be able to get their hands on "Kingdom Hearts 3" this year. And hopefully, it will be worth the wait.