'King's Faith' Director and Producer: Family Film Offers More Than Entertainment

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(Photo: Courtesy Pure Publicity)"KING'S FAITH is about second chances, especially for those that many have overlooked," said director Nicholas DiBella. "During National Foster Care Month we want to tell the story of these amazing families and kids"

"King's Faith" director Nick DiBella and the film's executive producer Pastor Kirk Dueker are celebrating second chances with the upcoming release of the film this week.

"King's Faith" will begin impacting cities on Friday, April 26 with the story of a reformed teenager who over comes his past and finds a new life in God.

In the film, at age 18, foster-child Brendan King leaves behind his crime-ridden and sometimes-violent gang life when he finds God. Despite his mended ways, King's dark past continues to threaten his newfound faith and future.

Released just ahead of National Foster Care Month in May, "King's Faith" sheds light on the 25,000 young Americans who "age out" of foster care a year. Once they reach age 18, the orphaned children are then at risk if unemployment, incarceration, teen parenting and living in poverty.

Furthermore, executive producer Dueker explained his hopes for orphaned children who view "King's Faith."

"I want them to know that there are people who want to help," said the Rochester-based pastor during an interview with The Christian Post on Monday. "I want them to know God hasn't given up on them, and God offers a purpose that will redeem them, and like Brendan in the film, God can use them for a higher purpose."

"King's Faith" also offers a modern take on a morality tale.

In the film, Brendan seizes his new chance at a better life and commits to his studies. He also joins the faith-based teen group The Seekers, where he works on community service projects. It is there that he meets Natalie, a love interest and also a troubled teen.

Just as things are looking up for everyone, Brendan's gang reappears, demanding answers and action from him. In order to keep his new life including family and friends safe, Brendan must turn to his faith and make a difficult decision.

"Families can watch the film together," said the director of "King's Faith," DiBella. "It can open dialogue between parents and kids; parents can ask, 'What did you hear?'"

DiBella also mentioned the Bible study materials based on the film, available by request on the movie's website, KingsFaith.com.

Moreover, DiBella emphasized his own belief in second chances in a statement.

"'King's Faith' reminds us that our past doesn't define us, and no matter where you've been, or how lost you feel, you should never give up hope or faith," said the director.

"This film contains a very personal, true-to-life story that will resonate with the realities families and teens face," DiBella added. "This is a bottom-up experience- very grassroots and community-driven- which invites the audience to be involved every step of the way."

Emmy Award-winning actress Lynn Whitfield shines as foster parent Vanessa in the film, while Crawford Wilson delivers a riveting performance as troubled teen Brendan in the family drama.

"King's Faith" opens on April 26 in Rochester, New York- where it was filmed, and will continue to open in cities such as Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and Atlanta in coming weeks.

Audiences can request that the film come to an area near them by logging onto KingsFaith.com.