'King's Faith' Offers Modern Morality Tale, Coming Soon (TRAILER)

In theaters thing spring, "King's Faith" is a rare take on a young man's journey to redemption while facing modern-day adversity.

The story follows foster-child Brendan King who, at age 18, leaves behind his crime-ridden and sometimes-violent gang life when he finds God. Despite his mended ways, King's dark past continues to threaten his newfound faith and future.

Before he decided to clean up his act, Brendan was arrested at the age of 15 and sent to jail for three years. It was there that he fortified a relationship with God, and upon his parole, was released to live with a new family and attend high school in a suburb near the city where he grew up.

Along with Brendan's struggle to shed his old life, the protagonist's foster parents, portrayed by Lynn Whitfield and James McDaniel, are fighting their doubts about him.

Meanwhile, seizing his new chance at a better life, Brendan commits to his studies and even joins the faith-based teen group The Seekers, where he works on community service projects. It is there that he meets Natalie, a love interest and also a troubled teen.

Just as things are looking up for everyone, Brendan's gang reappears demanding answers and action from him. In order to keep his new life including family and friends safe, Brendan must turn to his faith and make a difficult decision.

In the contemporary version of a morality tale, young adults can relate to and learn from "King's Faith" and us it to honestly assess faith in their own lives.

"What is it that you don't like," one character asks in the trailer for the film. "That he's a convicted felon or that he has a relationship with God?"

The true-to-life battle to fit in without compromising yourself resonates in the film, and will likely

"King's Faith" stars Emmy Award-winning actress Lynn Whitfield as well as Kayla Compton and Crawford Wilson. The Nicholas DiBella-directed film is scheduled for released on April 26.