Kirk Cameron Inspires a Series of Historical, Christian Tours

Through his documentary "Monumental," actor and well-known evangelical role model Kirk Cameron has inspired a series of east coast tours with stops in many of the places seen in the film.

As Jay Proffitt, director of the tour staff at American Christian Tours told The Christian Post, the "Monumental" themed tours provided by their company not only visit the same places but also discuss the same concepts in the documentary.

While the Rice Lake, Wis.-based tour company offers several other Christian-themed tour options in Washington, D.C., to a primarily student-oriented audience, its "Monumental"-themed tours are geared more toward families and church groups.

According to Proffitt, one of the highlights of the "Monumental" tour is visiting the National Monument to the Forefathers, located in Plymouth, Mass.

The monument served as the main theme of Cameron's documentary "Monumental," which sought to re-trace the route of America's forefathers and their Christian principles to discover what made the country so successful over the years.

As Proffitt told CP, their tour "blends history and Christianity," especially focusing on the Forefathers monument because it represents "God's word in our hearts and highlights a lot of the themes brought out in the movie."

The relationship between Cameron and American Christian Tours initially came about when Cameron met Dr. Marshall Foster, director of Christian education for the tour company, in an airport.

"Marshall shared with Kirk his passion for sharing the Christian history of our country and building family legacies and teaching young people the truth," Proffitt explained to CP.

Foster is featured in the "Monumental" documentary, as he is the one who gives Cameron and his film crew a tour of the Forefathers monument in Plymouth.

According to the Monumental Tours website, one itinerary includes a tour of historical sites in Plymouth, Boston, New York City, and ultimately ending in Washington, D.C.

Cameron's documentary was released in March 2012. The actor told CP at the time that he hoped the documentary would serve as a beacon of hope to Americans, so they may see that they can continue with the Christian values that their Forefathers implemented to get America on the right moral track.

"I made the documentary not as an actor or a politician, but as a father," Cameron previously told CP, stating that "when you have kids, it just really changes the way you think about the world."

On his official website, Cameron also said he created the documentary "because I suspect our Forefathers knew we were a forgetful people, that someday we would lose our way as a nation. So they left us a map that would guide us back to the source of America's success."