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Kirk Franklin Talks Difference Between Business and Ministry

Kirk Franklin Talks Difference Between Business and Ministry

'Jesus is my hero,' award-winning worship singer Kirk Franklin told the crowd Saturdan evening at Harvest America, Sept. 28, 2013. | (Photo: Harvest Ministries)

Kirk Franklin is making it clear that there is a distinct difference between ministry and business.

Franklin, the 45-year-old gospel music choir director turned songwriter, is usually vocal about his stance on Christian values. He took to Twitter recently to speak about the difference between ministry and business.

"If you help someone who's in need and expect something in return, thats not called being like Jesus...that's called business," Franklin tweeted. "There's nothing wrong with business, just don't pimp it as ministry."

The gospel music veteran is no stranger to the industry and even heads his own Fo Yo Soul record label. Franklin previously spoke to The Christian Post about the goal for his own music label.

"We're trying to create content that is very culturally forward without compromising the push of the gospel," he previously told CP.

The musician has mastered the art of creating quality gospel music for two decades and insisted that the most important quality in the music is sincerity.

"It should reflect wherever we are and our personal spiritual growth with God. If that's not our top priority, then our artform is going to be very shallow," Franklin told CP. "It should not be just for the sole purpose of the artform itself...if it's that, we'll suffer. We have to make sure people can feel the sincerity of our own testimony and our own journey so they know this is something that is really real for us."


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