Klein Michael Thaxton Facebook Messages May Have Ended Pittsburgh Hostage Incident

Klein Michael Thaxton has surrendered to police after a terrifying incident in an office building in Pittsburgh on Friday when he took a hostage and desperately declared that he had "lost everything."

Thaxton finally gave up after receiving responses to his Facebook postings from friends, who urged him to surrender and end the incident peacefully.

Police Chief Nate Harper confirmed that Thaxton had posted messages on the social media network as the standoff took place. He ranted that he had lost everything, and indicated that he was suicidal.

Harper also confirmed that the hostage Thaxton had taken was fine and came to no physical harm in the end.

The police also confirmed that Thaxton was a 22 year old male, who had a military background, and that he was suicidal during the incident.

The terrifying incident first unfolded when a standoff began on the 16th floor of an office building in Pittsburgh. The offices are thought to be that of a benefits administration firm.

The person taken hostage was reportedly the manager of CW Breitsman Associates, LLC, which handles union pensions and insurance, according to CBS Pittsburgh.

Early on in the ordeal Thaxton posted messages onto his Facebook, with friends soon replying urging him to find a peaceful way out and to think of his mother during the incident. The Facebook page has since been disabled.