Koala in Canoe Uses Humans as Taxi to Golf Resort (VIDEO)

Koalas can swim, but why swim when you can have a free ride? A curious koala in Australia did just that when he discovered a group of canoeists nearby.

While going canoeing in Australia's Gold Coast, a group of canoeists were paid an unexpected visit when a koala began to swim in their direction. Swimming in the Tallebudgera Creek, the koala moved towards the canoe and stopped just short enough to be picked up by one of the canoeists who lifted the fuzzy critter onto the boat.

The satisfied koala made his way to the front of the boat where he proceeded to scramble on top of a board, taking front row seating on the canoe. The canoeists resumed their paddling with the curious koala looking about, seemingly pleased to be moving with such little effort. As it turns out, koalas really can swim but they would prefer not to.

It is possible that the wandering koala was feeling trapped on the water bank and opted for the quickest escape route. But he couldn't have picked more willing volunteers, as the group of canoeists were more than happy to taxi the critter to a more suitable location.

Local reports stated that the koala was dropped off on an embankment at a golf course where koalas are known to roam, taking up house in the gum trees.

Lazy koalas taking free rides from humans on canoes only to be delivered to a golf course resort? Unlikely. But for non-believers, one of the canoeists was clever enough to capture the koalas taxi flag on camera. The footage is choppy at times- it is amateur video- but it is still clear that the koala takes the dive and lands himself at the head of the canoe.