Kobe Bryant Breaks Michael Jordan's All-Star Game Record

Kobe Bryant broke Michael Jordan's all-time record for points scored in NBA All-Star games Sunday.

Kobe Bryant is one step closer to touching the legacy of Michael Jordan after surpassing him in points scored in All-Star games. Bryant is now the NBA All-Star game's greatest scorer with 271 points, according to Fox News.

Bryant began the night with 244 total points in 12 games. In his 27-point performance, the Los Angeles Lakers' guard also surpassed Oscar Robertson (246) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (251).

Michael Jordan's mark stood at 262 points in 13 All-Star games before Bryant took it down. Bryant is also tied for the most All-Star MVP awards with four. He also tied another All-Star game record by making six 3-pointers, according to ESPN.

Bryant's record-tying points came at a painful price. He reached the 262-point mark while suffering a flagrant foul at the hands of Dwayne Wade. The blow left him with a bloodied and broken nose and he surpassed Jordan's point-mark on the ensuing free-throws.

Dwayne Wade was fined $50,000 for the hard foul.

The MVP of the All-Star game, Kevin Durant, is hot on Bryant's trail after scoring 36 points, according to ESPN. That brings his total to 85 All-Star game points in just three years. Lebron James is also closing in with 207 total All-Star game points.

Kobe Bryant may have closed some of the space between his own legacy and that of Michael Jordan's, but he will be more likely known for his heckling of Lebron James at the end of the 2012 NBA All-Star game.

After James passed up opportunities to shoot a game-tying basket, Kobe walked over to James and pleaded with him to shoot the ball in those situations.

James put the East team on his back to nearly come back from a 21-point deficit, but committed late turnovers rather than game-winning shots, which cost the East the game. The West won the All-Star game by a score of 152-149.