Kobe Bryant Explains Unfollowing Dwight Howard, Petitions for Metta World Peace

Kobe Bryant, the 34-year-old Los Angeles Lakers guard, is explaining his decision to stop following former teammate Dwight Howard on Twitter and giving his thoughts about the team getting rid of forward Metta World Peace.

Howard, the 27-year-old center, recently took to Twitter to announce that he would join the Houston Rockets after becoming a free agent at the close of the 2012-2013 season. Bryant made it clear that he wanted Howard to return to the Lakers after playing there one season and unfollowed him on Twitter after the decision not to do so was announced.

Now, Bryant is revealing why he decided to unfollow Howard.

"I wish d12 the best honestly," Bryant tweeted after his decision to unfollow Howard made headlines. "I just find it hard to follow players that wanna kick my teams (expletive). #thatsjustme."

Howard has been vocal about his frustrations with his time on the Lakers. Although Bryant was speaking about working to recruit Howard to return, the center took to Twitter to let it be known that he had other plans.

"I've decided to become a member of the Houston Rockets," Howard tweeted. "I feel its the best place for me and I am excited about joining the Rockets and I'm looking forward to a great season. I want to thank the fans in Los Angeles and wish them the best."

However, Bryant seems to have moved on from the ordeal and is focused on his teammate Metta World Peace who the Lakers are considering parting ways with. However, Bryant took to Twitter to stick up for his teammate.

"Personally I'd keep Metta and make a run with the unit we have and just add a few pieces #keepthepeace #lakersstilldeciding," Bryant tweeted. "No game 7 win without Metta! This is a tough day for laker nation #misspeace #newcbacasualty."