Kobe Bryant Injury Timetable 'Shatters' Normal Achilles Recovery Time

Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant is recovering from a debilitating achilles tendon tear he suffered at the end of last season in record time, the athlete says.

"The surgical procedure was different...and because of that the recovery has been different," Bryant said while in China for an NBA tour. "The normal timetable for recovery from an Achilles, we've shattered that. Three-and-a-half months I can already walk just fine, I'm lifting weights with the Achilles just fine and that's different. So we don't know what that timetable is going to be. It's kind of new territory for us all."

The original diagnosis saw Bryant sitting out for six to nine months, and he most likely would not be the same dynamic scorer ever again.

However, Bryant's intensity and constant will to win and be the best, many feel this is just another challenge for him.

"But this is still Kobe Bryant. A freak (according to Steve Nash) and one of the most intense competitors sports has ever seen. He returned exceptionally from a knee injury which he received an experimental procedure for in 2011. So while it may be absurd to expect Bryant back from his Achilles injury so soon, it shouldn't be a surprise," said Jonathan Hartzell on NBA.com.

34-year-old has been playing for 18 seasons, and for a player of talents, age, and position, it is a wonder he is even as good as he is now. Most players start breaking down at this point. Bryant is almost as good now than he has been in his while career.

Recently Bryant had two of his championship rings auctioned off for over $100,000 each.

According to the Associated Press, six items were sold for a total of $433,531 in a month-long auction by Goldin Auctions.

Some of the items were controversial in nature because of the who actually owned them. Bryant had given a championship ring to his father, and one to his mother, selling $174,184 and $108,153 respectively.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar had filed suit against Goldin Auctions citing his mother did not have the right to sell those specific items. They reached an agreement last month allowing for only those six items to be sold.