Kobe Bryant's Family Feud Continues: Items to Be Auctioned

NBA superstar and Los Angeles Lakers guard, Kobe Bryant, is currently in a court battle against his mother for auctioning off his memorabilia without permission and now his parents are reportedly turning their backs on him.

TMZ is reporting that Kobe was lying about his mother stealing millions of dollars worth of his private basketball memorabilia and putting it up for auction.

Kobe's dad, Joe Bryant, said the basketball player gave his mother the memorabilia over the years, and even told her, "Here mom, these are for you," reports TMZ.

Bryant's parents have sworn declarations in the legal dispute between their son and Goldin Auctions, who are currently planning to sell off the star's personal items.

Bryant, growing increasingly frustrated with the whole situation recently tweeted, "When u give Give GIVE and they take Take TAKE at wat point do u draw a line in the sand?" and added the hashtags "hurt beyond measure," "gave me no warning," and "love?"

Among the items up for auction are two championship rings from his 2000 title along with a ball signed by that team, his high school championship ring from 1996, and a few sweat suits he wore playing for another high school.

The estimated monetary advance received from these items to Bryant's mother Pamela, is $450,000, which she planned to purchase a new Nevada home with, reported The Los Angeles Times.

The LA Times also reports that Bryant has had an up and down relationship with his parents over the years starting in 2001, when he married his wife Vanessa whom they did not approve of. They reportedly did not show up to the wedding.

All seemed to be reconciled by 2005, and his parents were by his side in L.A. when Bryant was competing for another title in 2010.

Other public family matters Bryant has endured are his rape charge in 2003, which was dropped and settled out of court and his pending divorce to Vanessa in 2011, which has since been rescinded.