Kobe, Lamar Odom Bond on Court After Maverick's Loss

Kobe Bryant has offered Lamar Odom supportive words, after being booed for his Wednesday night performance in the Maverick's loss to the Lakers. Khloe Kardashian also suggested fans should be more supportive.

Following Wednesday night's game, in which the Dallas Mavericks lost 93-109, Kobe Bryant appeared to offer his opposing teammate a few encouraging words. Bryant hugged the player, and leaned into to whisper an unknown message into his ear before patting him on the back and walking away.

When asked what he had told Odom, Bryant responded, "None of your business what I said."

However, Bryant later made an open comment in reference to the fans booing Odom. "That's just stupidity," he stated.

Meanwhile, Odom's wife Khloe was all about pushing the positive energy. "Positive energy goes a long way. ... This crowd needs to figure out who they are rooting for! Let's go Mavs!!!!" Kardashian tweeted.

Later she added a similar tweet. "Everyone/anyone is entitled and expected to miss a basket but either way the positive energy will fuel these Mavs!!!! We got this!"

Bryant later commented to ESPN that Odom's uninspiring performance wasn't really all his fault. "It's tough," Bryant said. "He comes to a team that's pretty much set, you know what I mean? So it's hard for him to find his niche. The fans, they don't really understand what he does or how he can do it, you know what I mean?"

NBC Sports reported that Odom's struggle has persisted all season. Odom has struggled, shooting 34.5 percent (down from 54 percent the year before), looking lost on the court, and that poor form was carried over to Wednesday against the Lakers when he was 0-3 with 1 point and 1 rebound on the night."