Komodo Dragon Attack: 83-Year-Old Indonesian Woman Fights for Her Life (VIDEO)

Reports from Indonesia reveal that an elderly woman had to fight for her life after she was attacked by a Komodo dragon as she was outside of her house.

The 83-year-old woman was sitting outside of her house when she was suddenly attacked by the large reptile. Madam Haisah was weaving a broom together when the Komodo dragon came from out of nowhere and sank its razor sharp teeth into her arm.

"I have no idea which direction it came from a knife fell from my right hand as the Komodo sunk its teeth into my wrist. There was nobody else around and I knew that I faced a fight for survival," the woman told AFP.

But the elderly lady was able to fight off the animal by landing one good kick.

"I kicked the Komodo on one its front legs with all my strength, it was only one kick but it made the Komodo let go of my hand, then I screamed for help," she said.

The woman's son said she required 35 stitches in order to repair the wound and said that she had since regained feeling in her hand after her hand was initially paralyzed by the animal's bite.

"I'm doing fine now. I hope my hand will return to normal so that I can make brooms again," the woman added.

This isn't the first time someone has been the victim of a Komodo dragon attack in Indonesia. Two park employees were reportedly attacked by one of the animals last February.

Ahmad Main explained at the time that the lizard was able to sneak out of its holding pen and when he attempted to avoid the creature, the Komodo dragon managed to bite the man's leg, which required 40 stiches.

Komodo dragons are known for having special poison glands that can paralyze and temporarily shock their prey before they consume it.