Kony 2012 Sequel Released (VIDEO)

Invisible Children, the driving force behind the Kony 2012 campaign, has released its long-awaited sequel. "Kony 2012 Part II: Beyond Famous" provides more detail about the Lord's Resistance Army and updates Kony supporters about the movement to capture the LRA leader Joseph Kony.

The first video shone a spotlight on the Lord's Resistance Army and Joseph Kony, and while it has received over 1 million views, it has also received much criticism. One of the arguments was that Joseph Kony was no longer in Uganda, where Invisible Children's video said he was.

The sequel addresses that criticism by providing more up-to-date information on Kony's whereabouts. He has traveled throughout Africa and settled in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Kony still has child soldiers working for the LRA and remains elusive, though several organizations are searching for him.

In the month since the Kony 2012 campaign began, 57 people have been abducted by the LRA; over 2,400 have been killed since 2008. The African Union has authorized a 5,000 force to find and stop Joseph Kony, and there is a larger plan for Africa's recovery from the LRA.

Step one is civilian protection. Most of the country is left vulnerable because it does not have communication to warn of impending LRA attacks. Invisible Children and other groups are working to provide the necessary radio equipment in order to offer more protection.

Step two is the peaceful surrender of Joseph Kony and members of the LRA. While this may seem idealistic, the sequel provides hope that it is possible and shares the stories of children who have left the army. Raising awareness that it is actually okay for them to leave is crucial, so Invisible Children has worked to hang signs on trees in the areas where the LRA is located, encouraging members to simply "come out of the bush."

Step three is the rehabilitation of former LRA members and reconstruction of the areas ravaged by the LRA. This includes rebuilding existing structures as well as providing new facilities for treatment, education, and rehabilitation of members.

Finally, the fourth step is the arrest of top LRA leadership, including Joseph Kony. According to Invisible Children, this is possible with the support of everyday citizens around the world. Raising awareness is crucial, as is taking action by contacting government leaders and encouraging them to continue to search for Joseph Kony.

"Stopping injustice around the world is far bigger than stopping the LRA," says the video's narrator Ben Keesy. He is also the CEO of Invisible Children and began working in 2005 to tell the stories of those affected by the LRA. Keesy encourages everyone who sees either of the Kony 2012 videos to take immediate action.

According to Invisible Children, interest has grown substantially since the first video's airing. The next event for Kony 2012 is "Cover the Night," where people are urged to print off posters and plaster them around public areas in order to raise awareness of Joseph Kony's crimes.

Watch "Kony 2012 Part II: Beyond Famous" here: